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 Warranty in Month's : 24 Detailed Warranty: Capacity: 1100.0 AH
*F = Free of Cost Replacement *P = New Battery at Pro-rata Warranty (Discounts will be applicable upon the MRP of New Battery Purchase.For More details, Pls refer Warranty Card


1100.0 VA


24 Months



Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1100 Solar Home Ups

  • India's Most Intelligent Solar Hybrid Home UPS
  • ATC Technology
  • 4th Generation Microprocessor
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Reverse Current Flow
  • PV Panel Reverse Connection Protection
  • Solar Panel Range (80w-500W)


Key Features


  • Powerful Built in 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller - Strength to run Electrical Appliances and Charge the Battery at the same Time
  • User Settable Grid/Solar Priority - The customer can select the Grid Priority Switch in High Power Cut Conditions and Solar Priority Switch in Low Power Cut Conditions
  • India 1st Solar Home UPS with ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology)- Charges the battery based on the temperature
  • Intelligent Charging Sharing
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Low Voltage disconnect - the user can now easily switch between 10.5V and 11V. If the user wants more battery life, then user can keep the low voltage cut at 11V
  • Higher Battery Charging Efficiency - Increase the battery life by atleast 6 Months
  • Automatic Bypass - If the UPS stops Functioning due to UPS Fault, automatically by pass function, reconnects all the connected appliances to the main power source
  • DT- 6s Stage Battery Charging - Highest Battery charge Efficiency
  • Brainy Eco is an Intelligent Solar UPS that can Simultaneously run the Load and Charge the battery.
  • Brainy ECO is designed to give priority to the Solar Power and Use Grid/Dg Power only when the Solar Power/Battery charge is insufficient to meet the load Requirements
  • Powerful enough to Simultaneously run Electrical Appliances & charge the battery
  • Powerful Charging even if the Voltage is 90V Most Effective Solutions for Remote Place, where Electricty Voltage is not high


       Selects Solar Power as a Prority over Grid Power to charge the battery and take Power from the Grid only if Required


  • Case 1: If Battery Needs 15A and Solar Panel is giving 15A, then it will take Solar Power Only
  • Case 2: If Battery Needs 15A and Solar Panel is giving 12A, then it will take rest 3A from Grid


Battery AH  Panel W Switch
45-75AH 80-100W S1
100-135AH 150-250W S2
150-180AH 300-350W S3

150AH X 2 No's

400W-500W S3

Caution: For 300 W Solar Panel Connect 1 battery of 150 AH, However, for 400-500 W Solar Panel, Connect 2 batteries of 150AH/12V each in  Parallel Connection

POWERWALE Recommend 6LMS150L Exide Solar battery If users wants to connect 2 nos of 12 Volts battery, he/she needs to change the DIP switch to S3

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Key Highlights

Capacity Range 1001-1500 VA
Brand Sukam
Voltage 12V
No of Batteries 1
Max Solar Panels up to 500 Watts
Applications Home
Applications Residential
Applications Renewable Energy
Warranty 24 Months
Type Hybrid UPS
Type Off Grid
Type Power Conditioning unit
Solar Charge Controller PWM
Phase Single Phase
Capacity 1130VA

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Questions & Answer's (10) for Su-Kam Brainy ECO 1100 Solar Home UPS

Hi, Is it a pure sign wave inverter? Where can i get 350 W 12 volt solar panel? Planning to buy this hybrid inverter and 350 W 12 v solar panel. I couldn't find any 350 W solar panel in powerwale website. Pls let me know the cost also.

Yes it's pure Sine wave model. Copied below url of Exide Solar Inverter Pure sine wave and also copied Exide Solar panels comes with 25 Years Performance Warranty include C10 Solar battery. If you are looking for 350w panel, Either you have to buy the 2 nos 150 watt s or 2 nos x 100 wats + one 150 watts.

Exide Solar Inverter


Exide Solar C10 Battery with 5 years Free replacement warranty


Ready stock available and same business day dispatch through Fedex/Gati etc.


Dr pramod kumar chaurasiya
Dr pramod kumar chaurasiya
I am send qns but i do not writen battery vate our two tubullar battery (12v+ 12v= 24v) and 150amp

Given model Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1100 Solar Home Ups is 12volts requires only one battery. But if you have 2no 12v 150nos, you have connect in parallel servies and it will be 12v 300ah and it will give more backup. Hope we have answered your question.

Nilam Mankad
Nilam Mankad
Does price tag of Rs.7999.00 for Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1100 Solar Home UPS includes battery and it's suitable solar panels ? If not what would be the additional expense ?

Dear Sir, You need to purchase extra Solar Panels and 150Ah battery

Khalil Baleid
Khalil Baleid
For Brainy Eco 1100,Can I use one or two of 250w solar panels (Vmax=31.73V and Imax=7.88A)

Dear Sir, You use up to 500w panels of 12V, and if you go for 500 Watts, It should be double 150 Ah battery or  we prefer c10 Exide Solar battery 150 AH

Can I Use 100 to 150 watts solar panel to charge 100AH battery using sukam brainy eco 1100VA

yes you can with sukam brainy eco 1100VA Solar UPS

How many watts panel required to charge 100AH battery? Is normal inverter battery is suitable for that? What is the technology of solar charge controller used i.e PWM or MPPT?

Dear Sir, for Single battery you can go up to 400 Watts panel, depending on your budget and yes you can use the normal existing inverter battery, but we prefer exide solar 6lms150L battery

and it is PWM Technology!

Can i connect a 250 watts 24 volt solar panel??

You can connect 12 volts panel up to 500 watts!

Shall I use two 150W/12V solar panels or one 200W/12V solar panel with Brainy Eco 1100 and 150AH Battery? A single solar panel with 200W or two solar panels with 100W, which one is better?

Sir, All depends on your budget..You can use the solar panels up to 500 watts for this model!

Hi, With Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1100 Solar Home Ups can I connect two 120 AH batteries & battery charging only from Grid. For time being I am postponing the solar panels. Please let me know can I connect two batteries in parallel with only grid charging.

Yes you can connect multiple batteries in parallel but it should be same AH.  No issues, you can add the panels in future.

Ready stock available and same business day dispatch through Fedex.



Naveen Bandaru
Naveen Bandaru
Would like to buy this

Dear sir ,


Thanks for writing to us , you can place the order by  below link ,



Thanks & Regards


Powerwale Team

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With this aim in mind we have been continuously striving to come up with products and inventions that would elevate the quality of life by infusing every single moment of everyday of your life with uninterrupted power supply. 

Our inverters and UPS, which are the best in the market today, are just the kind of power back up solution you can safely rely on for a nonstop supply of power every waking moment of your day; and night as well. 

For a company that started operating on a shoe-string budget of Rs.10,000, Su-Kam’s nationwide network of offices and channel partners currently boast of a huge annual turnover of over Rs.1000 cr. 

With the present enterprise strength of over 1500 people, we have brought freedom from power problems to millions across India and in 70 countries across the globe. 

With an excellent team of dedicated and skilled personnel, who have redefined innovation in the power back up industry, we have etched our name in golden letters in the history of power back up solutions. Our R&D department which boasts of having the best minds in the industry has given us a number of patents to our credit; it has been our constant endeavor to strive to bring to you the very best of inventions in this sector. 

The number of awards and recognitions that we have won from the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India are but a testimony to our dedicated efforts towards bringing our cherished clients the very best of innovations in the power back up industry. 

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