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Luminous Solar Home Ups Inverter Nxg1800 24V 1500Va

Luminous Solar Home Ups Inverter Nxg1800 24V 1500Va
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  • Luminous Solar Home Hybrid UPS Inverter 24v 1500va.
  • Audible Alarms
  • Bypass feature: Automatic
  • LED status indicators.
  • Appliances Meant for TV, Fans, LED, Mixe, PC, Mini Air Cooler
  • Sinewave
  • Requires 2 Batteries/24V
  • Pack Content: 1 UPS
  • Voltage Range from 100-290V runs on Inverter Mode(ECO)
  • Voltage Range from 180V-260V Voltages runs on UPS Mode
  • Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT)
  • 1-Phase Input 1-Phase Output

Luminous Solar Home UPS are hybrid UPS available in the range of 500VA, 850VA & 1500VA with inbuilt charge Controllers with wide choice of PV modules from 400Wp to 1000Wp. With unique feature of iSOT, it saves 1.5 to 3 Units per day thus substantial savings. For NXG1800 Electricity savings of 3 to 5 units per day.


  • Intelligent logic control (simultaneous charging solar-mains with priority to solar)
  • Pure sine wave inverter with 85% efficiency
  • ISOT: Intelligent solar optimization technique
  • Inbuilt charge controller with 98% efficiency
  • Intelligent battery monitoring
  • Battery charging commences at 110Volt mains voltage
  • Equipped with battery type selection
  • Output for both AC as well as DC.

Technical specifications

  • Battery safety - deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, battery type selection
  • Pure sine wave inverter output
  • DC load O/P of 12V 20amp in 850VA and 12V 5Amp in 1500VA
  • Wide choice of panel: 400W to 1000W (500VA , 850VA & 1500VA)
  • Charge controller 40amp in 1500va
  • Protection Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off
  • Up to 1000Watts  Solar Panel Support for 1500va.
  • Battery required - 850va - Single 12v 100 -180Ah  Battery. 1500va - 2nos 12v 100-180AH  Battery. For more life C10 Battery recommeded.
  • Display  Indications
  •    Mains available
  •    Battery Charging through Mains
  •    Battery Charging through Solar Panel
  •    Voltage regulation display
  •    Power savings
  •    Load output through Battery
  •    Low Battery Indication
  •    Overload Indication 


Name Luminous NXG hybrid Inverter 1800
Model No NXG 1800
Battery Voltage (V) 24 DC ( External 2 Batteries Required)
Brand Luminous
Inverter Type Pure Sinewave
Capacity 1800 Watts
Power Output 1500 Watts
Efficiency 85%

Noise Level

Less than 50dBA @ 1 Meter (With Fan Speed Control)

Category Solar Inverter
UPS Warranty 24 Months
UPS Warranty Type On-site by Luminous
UPS Topology Offline/Hybrid
Phase Single Phase with Ground
External Batteries 2 Nos (80AH to 200AH Solar Batteries)
Generator Compatible Yes
Technology Advanced PFC
Weight 15.6
Dimensions  37.5 * 31.5 * 15 cm
Humidity  0-95% RH @ 0-50°C
Operating temperature 0-50°C

Inverter Mode / UPS Mode (For sensitive electronics)

Battery Type

Tubular, Flat Plate, SMF (VRLA)

Key Protections Features
Auto Reset Yes
Charging Current 15A
Charger Type PMW
LED Display Mains, UPS, Over Load, Battery Low, Fault Indication,etc

UPS Overload / UPS Short-Circuit

110% / 300%

Short Circuit Protection


Battery Type Selection


OverCharging Protection Yes
Deep Battery Discharge Protection Yes
Intelligent battery charging Yes
UPS-Inverter switch Yes
Solar Key Features
Maximum Solar Panels 1000 Watts
Minimum Solar Panels 300 Watts
Solar Charge Controller 40
Solar Charger MPPT

Grid Charging Current

Automatic based on battery level

Fast Charging

Yes (I-charge switch)
User Settable Priority Solar/Grid/Battery OR Solar/Battery/Grid(Mains)
Switch from Mains to UPS Automatic
Switch from UPS to Main Automatic
Other Important Features
Input Voltage Range (Load < 50%) 100 ~ 290 V


Output Voltage Range

100 ~ 290 V

Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) 50Z
Load Applications
Applications Lights, Fans, TV, PC, Mixie, LED, Mini Air Cooler.

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