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Solar Rooftop System

Powerwale deals with all models of Solar Packages, which includes offgrid, ongrid systems with 850VA to 10KVA Solar Combo packages are very easy now in Bangalore.. Just Choose the combo based on your needs

Option 1. If you Live in 1/2 BHK(1-4 Members) You can prefer Solar Inverter with Capacity of 250VA to 1400 VA
Option 2. If you Live is Medium Sized home or offices (3/4 BHK up to 6-8 Members) we suggest Ideally Solar Inverter should be 1500VA to 2.5KVA
Option 3. For High Power Loads Like AC, Fridge, Pumps, Motors,etc You can go for 3.5KVA to 10KVA Solar UPS
In this all Solar Rooftop System we Provide Solar Inverter, C10 Rated Solar batteries from Capacity ranging from (60AH - 200AH), Solar PV Panels based on your backup needs.

Buying Solar Rooftop online is as easy as 1-2-3. We deliver to your door step - throughout Bangalore/Delhi with Free Installation in 2 hours
1. Find the right Solar Power Systems includes with Solar Panel, Solar UPS, Solar battery at the right price.
2. When ready place your order with package and Call us to do validate your requirements and Do Feasiblity study of the system based your order.
3. We'll contact you to confirm your order and with payment instructions.

FAQ Questions for Solar Roof Top Solutions

Powerwale Provides Complete Solar Rooftop Solutions which includes Solar Panel, UPS/PCU and Solar C10 Rated batteries, Ideally for home,small shops & Commercial. The above solutions can be customised based on your needs and the values mentioned are approximated, tested in standard conditions by luminous. Acutal results may vary.

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