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Online UPS

Considering the critical nature of work at places such as IT specific offices and hospitals, there cannot be a power cut even for the smallest of durations. Since these places have sensitive equipment such as servers and other high tech machines, the power back-up for these sensitive equipment also needs to be sophisticated. This is where an Online UPS comes to the rescue. These UPS systems are different from the regular Home UPS systems as they do not have any time lag between when the mains power goes off and battery back-up comes on. That is why they are always ‘On-line’. This absence of a time lag and presence of a pure sine wave protects the equipment and allows work to continue unhindered.
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Buy Online UPS for office and Home deals in a full range of Online UPS Systems, UPS batteries that provide the highest level of power protection to sensitive servers and network equipment. We offer UPS systems from all leading brands such as Microtek and Luminous in India online, making it convenient for the buyers to get the product that suits their requirements.

Just fill in a small form or give us a call, and we will help you find what suits you best according to your needs. Rest assured, we, at Powerwale, will offer you a most competitive price for your system