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Solar charge controller serves as a link between Solar Panels and batteries. The DC power that solar panels make could be too high at sometimes. Imagine if 25 amps are fed to a battery that can only take 15 amps – it is overcharge and in some extreme cases may burst as well. Charge controller regulates the voltage and protects it against overcharging. Good charge controllers can also extract maximum power from the solar panels – they can enhance current and voltage coming from solar panels. They make sure that current flows in one direction only – from PV solar panels to Solar batteries and never in the opposite direction as it can be dangerous to solar panels.
LivFast Solar Charge Controller LFTLFSCC24 4850 50Amps

LivFast LFTLFSCC24 4850 50Amps

₹ 3,799.00

  • Capacity: 50.0
LivFast Solar Charge Controller LFTLFSCC122420 20Amps

LivFast LFTLFSCC122420 20Amps

₹ 1,699.00

  • Capacity: 20.0
LivFast Solar Charge Controller LFTLFSCC122410 10Amps

LivFast LFTLFSCC122410 10Amps

₹ 999.00

  • Capacity: 10.0
Livfast SMU 50Amps LFSMU 24-4850

Livfast SMU 50Amps LFSMU 24-4850

₹ 4,000.00

  • Capacity: 50.0
LivFast SMU 30Amps LFTLFSMU 122430

LivFast SMU 30Amps LFTLFSMU 122430

₹ 3,000.00

  • Capacity: 30.0
Exide Solar Charge Controller 12V 20 Amps

Exide 12V 20 Amps

₹ 3,200.00

  • Capacity: 0.0
Exide Solar Charge Controller 12V 10 Amps

Exide 12V 10 Amps

₹ 999.00

  • Capacity: 0.0
Microtek PWM 24V 3124 Solar Charge Controller

Microtek PWM 24V 3124

₹ 3,299.00

  • Capacity: 0.0
Microtek PWM 12V 3102 Solar Charge Controller

Microtek PWM 12V 3102

₹ 2,600.00

  • Capacity: 360.0
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The charge controller is a Main component of a solar power system. Overcharging and deep discharge are the main causes of their premature failure of the batteries. A charge controller is used to maintain the proper charging. whether the power source is PV, wind, hydro, fuel, or utility grid. Its purpose is to keep your batteries properly fed and safe for the long term.

There 2 types of controllers are in widely use.
  • MPPT - Maximum power point tracking, meant for higher solar power systems
  • PWM - Pulse width modulation, meant for good low cost solution for small systems only,
Currently all the Solar controllers match better batteries behavior and offer a 3 stage charging cycle: bulk charging followed by absorption and float. PWM or MPPT offers battery low voltage protection: a disconnect turning off whatever is connected to the load terminal until the battery reaches a usable voltage. A single LED indicator, a series of LED or a digital meter for the more sophisticated allows to monitor the controller We maintain a stock a in a warehouse all range of Solar Charge Controllers, PWM, MMPT Solar charge controllers from brand names such as LivFast, Luminous, Exide, Microtek, Sukam Charge Controllers. All Charge Controllers are tested before the delivery to the customers

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