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Solar Hybrid UPS

Solar Hybrid UPS/Inverter is the most innovative, afforadable and advance technology that enable UPS to charge the power storage battery through both on solar power (generated through solar panels) and the utility (grid) power supply using its artificial intelligence to maximize utilization of solar energy to empowering homes. It senses the availability of solar power, grid power and accordingly gives preference to charging trhough solar power and switches to the grid power if the solar power is not available. Solar True Hybrid Technology Solar Hybrid Inverter/ UPS provides power from the battery upto 80% charging, if the battery is fully charged even when solar and grid power is available. After battery is discharged upto 80% level, Inverter/ UPS again start charging battery thru Solar power; resulting save money and save electricity.
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Microtek M-Sun 1135VA 12V PWM SOLAR PCU
24 Months  Warranty
24 Months  Warranty
Su-Kam Brainy ECO 1100 Solar Home UPS
24 Months  Warranty
V-Guard Solar Hybrid DU 850VA Synergy PCU
24 Months  Warranty
Exide Solar Hybrid 1450VA 24V Home UPS
24 Months  Warranty
Microtek SS 1660 Solar UPS
Microtek SS 1660 Solar UPS
12290.00 ₹ 7475.00
24 Months  Warranty
Microtek SS 1130 Solar UPS
Microtek SS 1130 Solar UPS
10290.00 ₹ 6400.00
24 Months  Warranty
Exide Solar Hybrid 850VA Home UPS
24 Months  Warranty

Solar Hybrid Inverter UPS online

Features of Hybrid UPS:
  • DSP based pure sine wave output
  • Hybrid system ensure full utilization of Solar energy
  • Solar Charge controller rating up to 70 Amp

  • Residential houses
  • Small offices
  • Doctors’ clinics
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Shopping malls

  • Full utilization of Solar Energy
  • Healthiness of system when it require most
  • Reduction in mains/grid power consumption
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission

  • Solar PV modules become a cosmetic showpiece
  • Increases power consumption
  • Not using Solar energy which is free
  • Grid power is used to Charge the Battery and again inverted to supply to load
Sola rhybrid ups

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