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 Warranty in Month's : 24 Detailed Warranty: 24F Capacity: 1130.0 AH
*F = Free of Cost Replacement *P = New Battery at Pro-rata Warranty (Discounts will be applicable upon the MRP of New Battery Purchase.For More details, Pls refer Warranty Card


1130.0 VA


24 Months



Microtek Ss 1130 Solar Ups

  • Supports Up to 500W Solar Panels 12V
  • Sinewave Technology
  • Protects from Over Voltage
  • 24 Months Nation Wide Warranty
  • Increases The Life of Battery



Features of Microtek Solar Hybrid UPS

  • Bypass Switch- This additional bypass switch enables you to isolate your UPS from mains, whenever needed
  • Dual Charging Mode - MAINS Mode & SOLAR Mode. Best for Long Power Cuts / Rural areas.
  • Microtek Solar UPS always gives first preference to Solar Power while charging the battery.
  • It senses the availability of Solar Power/Mains Power and gives charging preference to the Solar Power Charge and switches to the Mains Power only
  • when the Solar Power is not available.
  • DSC (Digital Signal Controller) technology.
  • Highly Efficient Transformer, helps in Fast charging of the battery & Saves Energy.
  • You will get Longer BACKUPS during powercuts, as the UPS will use power from the solar panel also.
  • Specially designed Sinewave SOLAR UPS Model for backup for computers and home usage.
  • Microtek Solar UPS is Integrated with an in-built 30amp Solar Charge Controller, which enables the conversion of solar power to electricity.


SPECIFICATIONS of Microtek Solar Hybrid UPS
Name  SS 1130
Battery Voltage (V)  12 V DC
Inverter Type  Pure sine wave
Capacity  1130 Watts
Warranty  24 Months
Recommend Battery  Exide Solar battery 150 AH - 1 Nos
Recommend Solar Panels  Maximum Up to 500 Watts Solar Panels
Switching from Mains to UPS
and from UPS to Mains
Output Waveform on UPS Mode Pure Sine wave
Maximum Solar Panel Current
UPS Overload / UPS Short Circuit
110% / 300%
Key Features of Microtek Solar Hybrid UPS
Efficiency > 80%
Technology Micro controller Design
Auto Reset Feature Yes

Questions and Answers for Microtek Solar Hybrid UPS:

Question:1 If solar is available will the load run from it or from the mains and if load exceeds power from solar it will run from solar or mains?

Answer: Load will run from Solar, if available and remaining load will used from battery, once it reached to predefined discharge voltage, it with switch to mains automatically
and thus save the Electricity Bill.

Question:2 Can I see the warranty  card?



Key Highlights

Capacity Range 1001-1500 VA
Brand Microtek
Voltage 12V
No of Batteries 1
Max Solar Panels up to 500 Watts
Applications Home
Applications Residential
Warranty 24 Months
Type Hybrid UPS
Type Off Grid
Type Power Conditioning unit
Solar Charge Controller PWM
Phase Single Phase
Capacity 1130VA

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Questions & Answer's (9) for Microtek SS 1130 Solar UPS

Sagar Jadhav
Sagar Jadhav
Are you providing solar panel with this inverter... or we neet to purchase it saperatly...?

Panel is not included. it's seperate buy.

Gaurav jaiswal
Gaurav jaiswal
Q: HI, As per description the microtek ss 1130 Supports Up to 500W Solar Panels 12V.. my question is will we connect multiple 200w 12v panel (2 or 3) in parallel connection ?. or 200*3 like this..

Yes you can connect in parallel.

HI, As per description the microtek ss 11300 Supports Up to 500W Solar Panels 12V.. my question is will we connect multiple 500w 12v panel (2 or 3) in parallel connection ?. or 150w x5 like this..

Dear sir,

It is not possible.It has only 30amps charge control. 

ASif Hassan
ASif Hassan
Battery is differnt or normal battery can use or this inverter come with solar panel please tell me the total cost

Dear sir , 



Thanks for writing to us , Solar UPS will not  come with soalr panel, You have to purchase the solar panels superatlly, Whn comes to the battery if you have  existing battery you can use it , if  not for solar UPS we  recommentd C-10 Rated Battery, 




Prem Prakash
Prem Prakash
can i use such inverter in electrically charging mode (without solar) in long term?

Dear sir , 



Thanks for writing to us , 


The above model is hybride  solar system, You can use as  a normal ups also  with out solar panels , 



Nilam Mankad
Nilam Mankad
Microtek Ss 1130 solar Ups along with its suitable battery and solar panels will cost how much in total ?

Dear sir ,

Thanks for writing us , We recommend Exide 6lms 150l  battery and  300 wats  soalr panels  for above models , please find the bellow  links ,





can I use 12V 42Ah battery Two Nos ?? We are starting with 40W solar panel is it ok ???

Yes, you can, but there wont be any warranty for this, You need atleast 100 to 150AH Single battery for this model and minimum should be 100 watts solar panel. Hope it clarifies

can i connect12v 225ah battery connecting to ss1130solar ups

Yes You can!!

R Nesamony
R Nesamony
can I connect one more battery 12 v 150 ahms with parallel connection to 1130 solar ups.

Dear sir , 

As per your requirement , you can connenct 2 number of 12V150ah batteries in Parllel ,

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