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Solar Inverter:
    Inverter Brand: Luminous
    Inverter Capacity (VA):850
    Waveform type: Sine wave
    Warranty: 24 Months
    Model: NXG 1100

Solar Battery:
    Capacity (AH): 120 AH (120 * 1 Nos)
    Brand: Luminous
    Model: LPTT 12120H
    Warranty: 60 Months

 Solar PV Panel:
    Capacity (Watts): 165 (165 * 1 Nos)
    Brand: Luminous
    Module: Poly-Crystaline
    Warranty: 25 Years Performance Warranty


Part No: NXG1100-B120H1N-P165W1N

  • Luminous NXG1100 UPS (850VA) - 1 No.s
  • Luminous Solar Batteries C10 120AH - 1 No.s
  • Luminous 105Watts Solar Panel - 2 No.s
  • Batteries Warranty - 60 Months
  • Loads: Tubelights, Fan, Computer/Laptop, LED lights
  • Pure Sinewave UPS


Savings & Space
 Unit Savings Per Day  0.6 Units
 Unit Savings Per Month  20 Units
 Roof Area Required  12 sqft (1.2 sqm)
 PV Solution  Off Grid Solar
 Running Load  Lights, Fans, TV, computers/Laptops
 Load Combination  10 LED Lights + 2 Fans + 1 TV + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging


Solar UPS/Inverter Details
 UPS Brand  Luminous
 UPS Model  850VA NXG Hybrid 1100 12V
 Warranty  24 Months
 Voltage  12V
 Phase  Single
 Toplology  Offline/Standby
 Inverter Capacity(VA)  850
 Capacity  680
 Waveform Type  Sinewave
 Battery  External
 Minimum Panels Recommend  300Wp
 Maximum Panels  12V 1000Wp
 UPS Efficiency  >80%
 Charge Controller Amps  40 Amp/12V
 DC Load O/P  12V upto 20Amp
 Protections  Short Circuit, Overload, High temperature, Battery low cut-off
 Indications  Switch on, Battery charging: Mains, Solar, Mains+Solar; Overload, Short circuit, i-charge
 Weight  11.5 Kg
 Dimensions (L*W*H) mm  375*315*135
 No Load Output  220V+-5V
 Output frequency  50HZ+-0.5Hz
 No Load Current(UPS Switch off)  <65mA
 OverLoad  110% for 4.5 Min.
 120% for 1 Min.
 150% for 10 Sec.
 200% for 1 Sec.
UPS Front Panel Display Indications
 Switch on Indication  Switch LED ON
 UPS on Indication  Battery LED ON
 Low battery Pre-alarm indication  Battery Low LED blinking
 Low battery trip indication  Low Battery LED Steady
 Internal fault  Service assistance LED on
 Mains on Indication  Mains LED steady
 Battery Charging through Mains  Mains LED steady + Mains charge LED Steady
 Battery Charging through Mains + Solar  Mains LED steady + Mains charge LED Steady + Solar CHG LED steady/Blinking
 Battery Charging through Solar  Solar CHG LED steady/Blinking + Mains Charge LED off
 Overload pre-alarm indication in UPS Mode  Overload LED Slow Blinking
  Overload shutdown indication in UPS Mode  Overload LED Steady
 Short Circuit indication in UPS mode  Overload LED Fast blinking
 Solar Optimization after battery full charged  ON mains + Power save LEDon + On battery LED on + Solar Charge LED blinking
Mains Charging Current Selection switch (i-charge)  10A(i-Charge OFF) / 15A(i-Charge ON)
 DC Overload Indication  (Mains LED+Overload) blinking
 Charge Controller Type  MPPT
 Fast Charging  Use I-Charge Switch
 Modes of Operation  Inverter Mode(Fans and Lights)/UPS Mode (Computers, LED TV,etc)
 Voltage Operation  100-290V
 Charging Current  15A
 Battery Type Selection  SMF, Flat Plate, Tubular
 Selectable Charging Current  Yes
 LCD Display  No
 LED Status Indicators  Yes
 ByPass feature  Automatic
 Intelligent Battery Charging  Yes
 Audible Alarms  Yes
Solar PV Panel Details

 Watts (Wp)

 Cell Type  Poly-crystalline
 Panel Brand  Luminous Solar
 Power Output  12 Volts
 Space Required  12 Sq. feet
 Panel Efficiency  15.3%
 Product Warranty  10 Years
 Power Warranty  25 Years
 No. of Cells  36
 Voltage at Max Power, Vmp (V)  18.32V
 Current at Max Power, Imp (A)  5.56 A
 Short Circuit Currrent, Isc (A)  22.35
 Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V)  9.39A
 Dimensions  1480*670*34 (L*W*H) mm
 Weight  11 Kg
Solar Battery Details
 Length  1440 KWH (120AH * 1)
 Battery Brand  Luminous
 Battery Type  Solar Tall Tubular
 Battery Model  LPT 12120H
Electrical & Mechanical Hardware
 Mounting Structure  NA
 AC & DC Cables  NA
 Fuses, Miscellaneous  NA
 Installation  NA


Package Contains
 Luminous Nxg1100 Ups(850VA) - 12 UPS 1 No
 Luminous Solar Battery LPT 12120H 1 No
 Luminous 165W Poly Solar PV Panel 2 No
 Battery Trolley/Mounting Structure/Cables Can be Purchased additional, Multiple Options Available



 Brand   Luminous
 Battery Model   LPT 12120H
 Product Range  Solar Battery
 Battery Voltage (V)  12
 Battery Type  Tall Tubular, Lead Acid
 Capacity  120 AH
 Total Warranty  60 Months
 Free Replacement Guarntee  60 Months
 Pro-rata Warranty  NIL
 Warranty Type  Onsite Warranty by Luminous
 Not Covered in Warranty  Physical Damage
 Desired Life  5-8 Years Plus
 Maintenance  Every 6-9 Months Distilled Water Topup may be required
 Technology  Tubular
 Sealed Type:  No
 Usuage:  Inverter/UPS
 Maintenance Type  Low Maintenance
 Supports UPS  650VA to 10KVA
 Length  517 mm
 Width  272 mm
 Height  250 mm
 Charged Weight Kgs  54.5



18 Watts CLF 18
40 Watt Tube Light, 4 Feet Long 40
Celling Fan, 48' Sweep 75
TV 21", standard 100
Refrigerator, 165 Ltrs, Standard,(Inverter Tech) 120
Personal Computer 250


Load and Backup Time for 120AH
Home Appliances Watts Recommended UPS Back Up in Hrs*
1 Tube light + 1 Fan 120 600-700VA 10-12
1 Tube light + 1 Fan + 1 TV 220 600-700VA   5-6
2 Tube lights + 2 Fans + 1 TV 340 600-700VA  3-4
2 Tubelight + 2 Fan + 1 TV + 3 CFL 394 600-700VA  3-3.5

*This may vary based on Charging Conditions


* No Subsidy, Finance Options/EMI are available

* Mounting Structures, Cables, Connectors, DB, Conduits, Intallation services, any Additional Battery Stand are extra and will be charged based on the Customer Needs and requirements.

* We Offer all types of Custom Solutions Based on your requirements. Pls call us and discuss with our Solar Experts

* Pls call us Before Ordering.

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