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  • Quasi Sine Wave Home UPS System
  • Green mode - Shuts down in 10hrs at no load in backup mode thus saver battery
  • Mains charging range from 100V to 300V
  • 2 Year Warranty


Features of Exide ECO Range of Home UPS

  • Maximum input mains charging range 100V-290V
  • Automatic charging selection technology
  • Charging at 120V AC input also
  • Automatic charging - cuts off voltage and current as per power out duration
  • Gravity profile management
  • PFC technology- saves electricity with built-in energy saver
  • Green mode - shutdowns in 10 hours at no load in backup mode thus saves battery
  • Complete protection- short circuit, phase reversal, AC back feed, thyristor short circuit
  • Brings life to absolutely deep discharge batteries zero volt pick-u

 Exide offers a range of inverters, home UPS and inverter batteries to choose from. When most companies talk about solutions for power-cuts,


Name  Exide Eco 900 Inverters
Battery Voltage (V)  12 V DC
Inverter Type  Quasi Sine Wave inverter
Capacity  900 Watts
Warranty  24 Months
Charging Mode
Charging Current one mode  Normal Charging
Boost charging voltage 14.4V ± 0.2V
Trickle charging voltage 13.7V ± 0.2V
Charging technique Automatic charging selection technology
Changeover time inverter to mains  <=10msec*
Changeover time mains to inverter  <=10msec*
Input voltage range  180V to 265V ± 5V


Inverter Type ECO900
Segment Square Wave Home UPS
HUPS Voltage 12V
Warranty 24 Months MONTH
Power Management  
Inverter Rating 900VA
Output Voltage 175V~260V
Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
AC Input 100~290V ± 10V (AC) 180~260V ± 10V(AC)
Technical Specifications  
Charging Time NA
Charger Technique Advance Battery Management Algorithm controls Charging
Protection Low / High Voltage, Short Circuit, Battery Low, Battery Over Charge, Over Temperature & Mains Fuse Trip with Beep Sound on LED Display
Technology #Advance Microcontroller based Technology # State of Art MOSFET based advanced PWM technology
Over Load Intelligent Overload Sensing Protection with Auto Retries.
Waveform Square Wave
Inverter efficiency Greater Efficiency - Advance Technology
Dimensions 360X345X195(MM)
Weight 10.00 Kg
Battery Types/ Qty 120Ah/150Ah/180Ah One Each
Self Test All LED Blinking once except Back-up LED
Switch ON/OFF # Switch Off~ No Indication # Switch ON~"BLUE" Indication
HUPS working on Battery #"BLUE" Indication ~ "UPS ON"
Operating Mode (UPS/Normal) By Slide Switch
Voltage Status LED
Charging "GREEN" Light - # Blinking ~ Charging
Fully Charged "GREEN" Light - #Continous ~Charged
Battery Low Beep/ On LED
Voltage Status NA
Electrolyte Level Status NA
AC Out put  
Load % NA
Overload "RED" LED with Beep
Short Circuit "RED" LED with Beep
Battery Low Continous "RED" LED with Beep
Over Temp. Through LED with Beep
AC FUSE Trip Mains LED Blinking with Beep
Protection Beep
Retry/ Shutdown No Retry in UPS Mode & 5 Retries / Beep ~Shut down in Normal Mode
Low 10.7V±0.2V
Low Trip 10.5V±0.2V
Low Shut Down No Retry in UPS Mode & 1 Retries / Beep ~Shut down in Normal Mode
Low Shut Down Reset ON/OFF Switch
Battery Low Indication NA
Over Temp. Beep
Short Circuit No retry ~ Beep/Shutdown

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