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Exide Eco 900Va Home Ups Inverter Exide Instabrite 150Ah Battery Combo

Exide Eco 900Va Home Ups Inverter Exide Instabrite 150Ah Battery Combo
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Exide ECO 900VA Home ups Inverter + Exide Instabrite 150AH Battery - Combo offer!!

  • Quasi Sine Wave Home UPS System
  • Green mode - Shuts down in 10hrs at no load in backup mode thus saver battery
  • Mains charging range from 100V to 300V
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Capacity 12V 150 AH
  • Warranty: 36 Months
  • Easy maintenance: Float/float guide to indicate electrolyte level

Features of Exide ECO Range of Home UPS

  • Maximum input mains charging range 100V-290V
  • Automatic charging selection technology
  • Charging at 120V AC input also
  • Automatic charging - cuts off voltage and current as per power out duration
  • Gravity profile management
  • PFC technology- saves electricity with built-in energy saver
  • Green mode - shutdowns in 10 hours at no load in backup mode thus saves battery
  • Complete protection- short circuit, phase reversal, AC back feed, thyristor short circuit
  • Brings life to absolutely deep discharge batteries zero volt pick-u

 Exide offers a range of inverters, home UPS and inverter batteries to choose from. When most companies talk about solutions for power-cuts,


Name  Exide Eco 900 Inverters
Battery Voltage (V)  12 V DC
Inverter Type  Quasi Sine Wave inverter
Capacity  900 Watts
Warranty  24 Months
Charging Mode
Charging Current one mode  Normal Charging
Boost charging voltage 14.4V ± 0.2V
Trickle charging voltage 13.7V ± 0.2V
Charging technique Automatic charging selection technology
Changeover time inverter to mains  <=10msec*
Changeover time mains to inverter  <=10msec*
Input voltage range  180V to 265V ± 5V



Key Features of Exide Instabrite

  • Fume and leak resistant: Spark arrestor fitted in float to restrict fumes and acid during operation. Clean top with no surface leakage
  • Easy handling/spill-proof: Moulded handles to ensure easy handling.Top vented lid with anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush vent plugs
  • Ready for commissioning: Batteries supplied in factory-charged condition
  • Unique features and superior technology: Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures as well as thick plate construction with special paste formulation. Special hybrid alloy system leading to low water loss and dual plate separation(PE+GM) that reduces the possibility of premature failure   
  • Instant Brightness
  • Presenting Exide Instabrite. The latest offering from Exide that promises superior power backup at a fantastic price. With Exide Instabrite, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of power in your home. Get instant brightness with the best. Get Exide Instabrite.


Battery Model Instabrite IB1500
Battery Voltage (V)  12
Battery Type  Semi Tubular
Capacity  150 AH
Warranty  36 Months
Desired Life  4 Years Plus
Technology  Hybrid
Bench Charging Current Amps 10.5
Electrolyte Volume in Litres 11
20 HR (C20) - 1.75 V Cell  150
Length  508
Width  222
Height  257
Charged Weight  41


Load and Backup Details

Electrical Load                  Recommended Inverter Rating     Back-Up Time

2 Tubelight + 2 Fan + 1 TV + 3 CFL    600 to 1050 VA    4:45 to 5:15Hours
2 Tubelight + 4 Fan + 1 PC + 3 CFL    600 to 1050 VA    3:00 to 3:30 Hours
5 Tubelight + 7 Fan + 1 PC + 7 CFL    600 to 1050 VA    1:30 to 2:00 Hours

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