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Exide 850Va Home Ups With Exide Invatall 150Ah Battery

Exide 850Va Home Ups With Exide Invatall 150Ah Battery
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EXIDE 850VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 850VA

Battery : Single Battery System

Display : LCD Diplay 

Warranty : 24 months

150AH T.Plate Battery


Exide Home UPS Features


  • ASIC technology, which adjusts the battery charge current according to the battery voltage.
  • Good better battery life.
  • battery electrolyte level indicator
  • Meant for Home use includes the sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED TV’s, Laptops and computers.
  • Great Power saving
  • User Friendly LED display
  • Wide Input Voltage from 90V to 300 Volts in Normal Model
  • Easy handling and shipping
  • Low cost pure sine wave UPS from Exide


Name  Exide 850VA Pure Sine Wave UPS
Battery Voltage (V)  12 V DC
Inverter Type  Pure Sine Wave UPS
Capacity  850 Watts
Warranty  24 Months
Charging Mode
Charging Current one mode  Normal Charging
Boost charging voltage 14.4V ± 0.2V
Trickle charging voltage 13.7V ± 0.2V
Charging technique Automatic charging selection technology
Changeover time inverter to mains  <=10msec*
Changeover time mains to inverter  <=10msec*
Input voltage range  180V to 265V ± 5V



Brand  Exide
Model No:  850VA Home UPS
Voltage (V)  12
Type  Sinewave
Capacity  850VA
Warranty  24 Months
 No of Batteries  1
Brand  Exide
Model No:  InvaTall 150AH
Voltage (V)  12V
Type  T Plate
Capacity  150AH
Warranty  36 Months Free Replacement
In Box  Battery,Float level Indicator
Color  White
LOAD OPTION - 1  4 Tube Lights + 3 Fans + 1 Computer
LOAD OPTION - 2  4 Fans + 5 Tube Lights + 1 Television
BACKUP  3-5 Hours



18 Watts CLF 18
40 Watt Tube Light, 4 Feet Long 40
Celling Fan, 48' Sweep 75
TV 21", standard 100
Refrigerator, 165 Ltrs, Standard,(Inverter Tech) 120
Personal Computer 250


Item Included in this Combo:
Exide 850VA UPS  1 Qty
Exide InvaTall 1500 150AH  1 Qty


Features of Exide Invatall

  •     New generation Inverter battery with Taller Plate couple
  •     Appealing look: New look Tall battery with improved cosmetics.
  •     Thick Plate Construction with special paste formulation & high surface area suitable for deep discharge during long power cuts.
  •     Enhanced life: Robust design prevents Corrosion in Positive Plates which in turn lowers the degradation rate & enhances Life
  •     Optimized Alloy System - Suitable for deep discharge application.
  •     Reliability and Durability - Positive Plate wrapped with Glassmat & Negative Plate
  •     Enveloped with special type PE Separator to reduce paste shedding & ensuring reliability and durability.
  •     Quick recharge from a state of deep discharge for hassle free functioning during frequent power cuts.
  •     New Float Assembly with click fit Top Part - Battery grade distilled water can be poured without opening the Float Assembly
  •     Lug Type take-off & fasteners - Batteries can be easily connected to the circuit.
  •     Easy Handling - Rope Handle with partial plastic encasing.
  •     Unique Ribbed Design Polypropylene Container and Cover offering enhanced mechanical strength and durability for safe operation.
  •     Ready for commissioning - Batteries supplied in factory charged condition.


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