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  • APC SMART-UPS 1000VA Without Battery with Selectable Charger and Flooded/SMF compatible, 230V, India
  • Sine Wave UPS - External Battery System
  • Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics, Servers and Computers
  • Includes: User Manual , Warranty card
  • Model No: APC SUA1000UXI 1000VA Smart UPS XL
  • Computer UPS, Needs 24V Dc External Double battery
  • Capacity: 1000VA / 800 Watts
  • 24 months Warranty
  • Supports upto 200AH battery, SMF from 18AH to 200AH Inverter Battery as well
  • Batteries needs to be purchased Seperately
  • Sine Wave UPS (External Battery System)
  • 1KVA Smart UPS , 24 Vdc, Requires Two SMF batteries of upto 42AH
  • 1000VA Smart UPS Common back up and protection for your both Computer and Electrical loads
  • Pure Sine wave output. Protects connected load from Voltage fluctuations even when on mains operation.
  • Manageability through USB and Serial port
  • Input 230V / Output 230V, DB-9 RS-232, SmartSlot, USB
  • Suitable for Sensitive Electrical and Electronic devices, Servers, Networks, Home automation systems, Home theatres and more
  • Save critical data, protect hardware & prevent downtime.
  • Highest load capacity - supports 33% more load than any power back up device.
  • Highest efficiency up to 93% - lowers your electricity bills.
  • AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulation)-keeps server, desktop and other SMPS based products 100% safe
  • Wide voltage window - works even in low voltage situation


 Name  APC SUA1000UXI 1000VA Smart UPS XL
 Brand  APC
 Battery Voltage (V)  24 V DC
 Inverter Type  Sine wave
 Topology:  Line Interactive
 Capacity  1000 VA / 800 Watts
 Warranty  24 Months
 Battery   External
 Battery Capacity  1 No ( 26 AH to 200 AH)
 Battery type  Double battery/24 V
 Recommended for  Sensitive electronics (Computers, IT Devices, like Routers, Switches, LAN/WAN)  PC, TV, Lights & fans
 Features  Suitable for mixed loads Electrical and Electronic devices
 Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation - Stabilised power to connected devices
 Manageability feature through USB and serial port to manage UPS
 Multi functional LED display indicators and Audio alarms 
 Protection  Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation
 Voltage High-cut / Low-cut
 Switches to battery mode during High / Low voltage conditions
 Short circuit
 Overload on mains and battery
 Display on UPS/Inverter  LED status display
 Weight in Kgs  13.4
 Dimensions  39.2*14.5*22.0 in cm
Technical Spec's
 Power Output  1200 Watts
 Input voltage  230 V
 Output Voltage (Ups Mode)  230 V


APC Smart UPS XL (External Battery, Backup and Protection Meant for Computers/Entry Level Servers, Workgroup Servers, Networking, Routers, Switches and Sensitive Electricial appliances)

Model No
VA Back Up in Hrs No. of Batteries
SUA1000UXI 1000 670 Watts / 1000 VA, Input 230V / Output 230V, DB-9 RS-232, SmartSlot, USB 2
SUA2200UXI 2200 1980 Watts / 2200 VA, Input 230V / Output 230V, Interface Port DB-9 RS-232, SmartSlot, USB 4
SUA3000UXI 3000 2700 Watts / 3000 VA, Input 230V / Output 230V, Interface Port DB-9 RS-232, SmartSlot, USB 4



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