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  • Amaron Beta Features:
  • Model No: Amaron ABR-PR-12APBTX90 (9 Ah)
  • Longest life -48 Months Warranty
  • Zero Maintenance -High heat technology, premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) for a low-corrosion and no top-up experience.
  • Highest Cranking Power -Largest Inter Cell Welds, 19mm Lugs.


  • The battery incorporates a radial grid design and we use High Tin-Calcium alloy.
  • The technology is based on the Oxygen Recombination principle.
  • The oxygen evolved at the positive plate is transported through a micro-porous synthetic Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separator to the surface of a negative plate, thereby reacting with hydrogen generated from negative plate, resulting in water. Hence there is no water loss, which means no topping of water/acid.
  • There is also a safety valve to avoid excessive pressure build-up within the battery.
  • Amaron offers Pro Bike Rider (PBR) batteries, manufactured with state-of-the-art VRLA technology, for the entire range of two-wheelers available in India.VRLA technology works on the oxygen recombination principle, which prevents water loss and provides a zero maintenance battery. Which means that the only thing on your mind will be to have the ride of your life, every time you start your engine.
  • Suitable for (all Self Start)Bajaj Pulsar 150, 180, Discover 150

Recommend for:

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Self (Electric) Start,  LML Star Delux 125 ESAOM Euro-III Self (Electric) Start,  LML Scooter CVT-4stk Self (Electric) Start,  LML Star Express Self (Electric) Start,  LML Supremo Self (Electric) Start,  LML Scooter NV LS 4Stk Self (Electric) Start,  LML Star Delux 4STK Self (Electric) Start,  LML Sensation Self (Electric) Start,  LML VR135 Self (Electric) Start,  LML Stella 4 Stk Self (Electric) Start,  LML Select 4STK Self (Electric) Start,  LML Scooter NV 4STK Self (Electric) Start,  LML Beamer150 Self (Electric) Start,  LML Select 4Stroke Self (Electric) Start,  LML NVSPL Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Pulsar 150 (2009-2010) Models Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Avenger Cruise Self (Electric) Start,  Suzuki GS150 R(Old Model) Self (Electric) Start,  TVS ApacheRTR160 Self (Electric) Start,  TVS MAX 4R 150 Self (Electric) Start,  TVS ApacheFI160 Self (Electric) Start,  TVS Apache Hyper Edge Self (Electric) Start,  TVS ApacheRTR180 Self (Electric) Start,  TVS Apache 150 Self (Electric) Start,  Yamaha Enticer(Old) Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Avenger 220 Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Eliminator. Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Pulsar 220DTSi Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Avenger 200 Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Pulsar 180 Self (Electric) Start,  Bajaj Avenger220 Self (Electric) Start,  Kinetic Nova135 Self (Electric) Start,  Kinetic Kine Self (Electric) Start,  Kinetic Blaze Self (Electric) Start,  Kinetic Nova Dlx. Self (Electric) Start,  Kinetic Kinetic SYM Self (Electric) Start,  Mahindra 2-Wheelers Flyte Self (Electric) Start,  Mahindra 2-Wheelers NovaDLX Self (Electric) Start,  Mahindra 2-Wheelers Blaze Self (Electric) Start,  Mahindra 2-Wheelers Nova Self (Electric) Start,  Mahindra 2-Wheelers Kine Self (Electric) Start,  Mahindra 2-Wheelers Nova135 Self (Electric) Start,  

Questions & Answer's (5) for AMARON BETA 9 9Ah Sealed Bike Battery

Craig Fernandez

Q:   Does this battery needs to be charged before installing it on the bike

Powerwale Answer
NAvraj Singh

Q:   i want purchase Amaron Battery for Apache RTR180 bike. please help me for purchase this battery and contact me on my Mob. No 9001293314

Powerwale Answer

Q:   Which is most popular battery for Bajaj pulsar 150 cc dtsi model 2005

Powerwale Answer
manish salwan

Q:   i have bajaj pulsar 200 is amron beta 9 9 ah is fine for my mike

Powerwale Answer
Mandar patange

Q:   Dear sir/madam, i am looking to buy battery for my pulsar 220 2013/14 (red and black dual tone) edition bike,which battery is good for it?

Powerwale Answer
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5/ 5
It would be great if you can provide detailed instructions on how to install

    by:  Shyamsunder R Shagamreddy
Shyamsunder R Shagamreddy HYDERABAD

  It would be great if you can provide detailed instructions on how to install Would recommend to a friend?

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