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Solar power is proving to be an excellent source of light and power to schools in cities, Towns and rural areas that are lacking or have unreliable power sources. Students are performing up to 50% better and local communities and businesses are also benefitting by increased employment, security, better health and access to the international community. Solar power is an important part of our energy future and one of the cleanest forms of energy. It emits zero greenhouse gases or other pollutants, uses no water and produces no waste.

Climate change is a global environmental issue. In order to avoid the impacts of climate change we need to move from the current unsustainable energy modes to a future with clean and renewable sources of energy. Since technological improvements are ignoring their impacts on the environment, educating younger generation about renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency has become of utmost importance. Solar for Schools program provides more than clean renewable energy; it informs and empowers children teachers and parents with solar knowledge to reduce their environmental footprint and to live more sustainably. Schools are an excellent place to use solar energy. Schools are open during the day when the sun is shining – and it shines a lot in the India.

We at Powerwale are striving to utilize the abundant sunshine thereby preserving nature and making best use of the naturally available resources. We have an excellent reputation in the solar for schools, and we supply the best and most reliable solar brands for schools. To find out how to bring Solar Energy into your school and broadcast your school’s commitment to a sustainable future pls fill the below form and explore our website for more product information. Currently we deal all Solar power plants which ranges from 1 kw to 25KW

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