Battery Maintenance Tips

Welcome to the home of Battery Maintenance Services. In order to get good battery life, battery owners should need to follow religiously on the below listed points in order to get maximum battery life.

  • NEVER ADD Top up your battery with ACID or tap/mineral water
  • NEVER test the battery by short circuiting with wires and spanners
  • NEVER Drain the battery to top up with fresh acid. This destroys the battery
  • NEVER Expose the battery to excessive shocks and vibrations
  • NEVER Hammer on the terminals or terminal clamps
  • NEVER Crank start continuously for more than 10 (ten) seconds
  • NEVER Leave the battery idle for more than a month
  • NEVER Expose the battery to an open flame, cigarettes, or spark; it may explode
  • NEVER Boost charge the battery
  • NEVER Put any foreign material into the battery e.g. metals, it contaminates the battery electrolyte

  • ENSURE Maintain correct level of electrolyte. TOP UP WITH DISTILLED WATER ONLY. NEVER ADD ACID
  • ENSURE that the battery is the right size for the vehicle
  • ENSURE that your correct vehicle charging rate to 13.6V – 14.5V
  • Clean the terminals and fit the clamps tightly on the terminals
  • Apply the thin film of petroleum jelly to inhibit corrosion on the terminals – NOT GREASE
  • Keep battery and connections clean and dry. If deposits built up on the terminals, clean with hot water
  • ENSURE that starter cables are strong enough to carry high starter current
  • ENSURE that you charge wet batteries once a month if you are not using them for long periods of time
  • ENSURE that the vent plugs are in place and the vent holes are not blocked

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