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Exide Powersafe Plus Ep 200-12 12V 200Ah Battery

Exide Powersafe Plus Ep 200-12 12V 200Ah Battery
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  • Online/ Offline UPS System
  • Exp. life: 300 - 400 cycles at 80% DOD
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Desired Life 3-5 years at 27 o C.
  • Maintenance Free Battery



  • Fire Alarm and Security System
  • Office Automation Equipment
  • EPABX and Electronic Weighing Scale
  • UPS Systems
  • Telecommunication Equipments





  • Free from corrosion
  • Over partition welding
  • Free from inter cell weld failure
  • Thicker separator
  • ABS container with lid
  • Better aesthetics
  • Stronger and free from distortion
  • Brass terminal with lead coating
  • Better conductivity


Sealed Maintenance free: No need for checking electrolyte level and topping throughout its life. Sealed construction ensures no leakage of seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casing

  • Saving of manpower for regular topping up and cleaning corroded terminals as in conventional batteries.
  • No domage of flooring by spillage of battery acid or water during maintenance
  • No need of separate battery room.
  • Can be installed by stacking together in any convenient orientation or position, thereby saving huge floor space as compared to conventional batteries.
  • Cuboidal space thus saved can be utilized for other equipment's / installations. This is specially relevant in costly metropolitan areas.
  • Battery can be installed inside offices and working areas - no need for separate battery rooms, costly acid proof flooring etc. Battery can be installed in a installed in a cabinet also.


Minimal Voltage Drop: Since battery emits no gases or fumes, it can be placed adjacent to the UPS system or other electronic equipment, ensuring minimal voltage drop between battery and equipment






Battery Model  EP 200-12
Battery Voltage (V)  12
Battery Type  VRLA AGM
Capacity  200 AH
20 HR (C20) - 1.75 V Cell  200
10 HR (C10) - 1.75 V Cell  182.0
3 HR  150.0
1.5 HR  144.0
1 HR  120.0
30 Min  100.0
Overall Height  240
Height up to lid  240
Length  533
Width  250
Weight KGS  67.2

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